London Fashion Week SS13 part 1

Hey guys !

Like what I said Monday, I watching the most fashion show that I can. Actually, I saw 18 fashion show, but only 3  that I really really love. Of course, on the other I love some stuff, but the 3 that I prefer & that I'm in love with are Unique(topshop), Burberry & Mulberry.  This 3 are show the type of clothes that I love, the style too.  I don't love all clothes, because sometimes it was the textille or motif, but the style it's just me. I love the Vintage & modern in their clothes.  You can mix their clothes together and fin your own style.   I suggest to you to go see their clothes in the website  that I give you under this.  You can see the type of clothes & more, like bag, jewelry & accessories !

If you want see Fashion show you can go on this web site: .

Also if you want see more clothes of them, you can go on their website:


On my next post I'll describe more what I love of the London Fashion Week.

Hope you are going visiting the website & find idea for your style & clothes.