British Style

Hey guys !!

Today I write about my favorite style ... The British Style.  Not just the clothes but also the house etc..  I love the style because it's beautiful, classic, vintage & cute.  It's not everyone who love that, but it's very different than the California Style that we saw everywhere.  I love wearing some clothes that person didn't thinking wearing are put together. I love to be unique & with this style you can.  If you saw Eleanor Calder style, she have a unique style, beautiful clothes & cute. If you saw all girl and boy in UK you can saw beautiful style .. more classic, but always cute & perfect.

Do you know something that I hate, it's when I saw a person wearing exactly the same outfit that you can find in a magazine or catalog.  You can take inspiration from them, but create your own style. I love the british style, so when I'll go shopping  I look for "British" clothes & mix my clothes together to create my style, I take my inspiration from magazine or from Eleanor Calder & Lauren Conrad.  One magazine I really love take Inspiration from for the British Style it's Look. For me it's the perfect magazine. Also, I look in store website in the UK to see what type of clothes they have. Sometimes in USA & Canada we have the same store, sometime not, so I can take my inspiration from them too.

Right now, I shop on the internet to makes me inspiration for what clothes buying for my school ( I'll start in October).  I think it's the perfect thing to do, because when you go shopping you have an idea of what you want.

If you ask for some idea of "British" clothes look on that post : Clothes I want. With this post you can saw some dress & tops. The pants, it's approximatly the same everywhere but, the high waist jeans, short or skirt it's a style that you can find more a lot in the UK than here in Canada/USA.  I didn't said that they don't where the same thing than us, you always have an exception at everything.

best store to buy clothes to have the British look: Forever 21, Zara, Topshop, Gap (sometimes) , Urban Outfiters ( sometimes too), Abercrombie & fitch ( depends the clothes), I thing it's that. Of course you can go in every store and find clothes.

So it's that for today, right you can know that I love the British Style, vintage clothes & classic, but the young way of British Style.  .. OH & I really love the style of the British boy, always cute & uniqu ... Have a little "crush" for the British boy/man, but it's not the goal of that post.

Have a nice day today,