British Style Clothes Essential !

Hello Everyone !

So today I show the Clothes Essential for the British style/look.

1. You need a blazer, you have two type of blazer.  You can take the color that you want & the textille too. 

2. The Collar shirt. You two type of collar that you can take or also the one with the loop. 

3. The cute shirt like that:

4. For the bottom, you can wear a clear pants, leggings, jegging, a Skinny jeans, high waist pants & short, high waist or a normal short(sor summer)

This 4 points are the most important, but you can wear a cute skirt & dress. A dress with the collar is in trend in UK plus the pleated lace skirt too or the classic skirt, but you can wear the skirt that you want with on of the top that I show you and you have the British Style too.

You have more than one way of the British, I show you the more classic/vintage/fashionable.

Hope it help you !


p.s.: clothes at number 1 to 3they are from topshop and the  4 it's from zara.