Shopping for Santa Barbara

Hey guys !

For the next two days, I'll not be on my blog a lot, because I'll shopping for my trip in Santa Barbara.  I need buying short, camisole & shirt.  Also, a cute little dress & jewelry.  I love going shopping at Forever 21, American Eagle, Urban outfitters, Simons, Garage(canada, maybe USA, but I'm not sure), Tommy Hilfiger, TopShop & American Appearel.  When I'm in the USA I love going at the Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister.  For now, it's the store that I go, if you have some suggestion for the USA or  Canada or Québec, please tell me your store !

I'll post some clothes that I buy with outfit Friday, because tomorrow and Thursday I'll not be at home for work.

Have a nice day !

Marie xx

P.S.: if you have some idea for post, store or other, write me or leave a comment!