Niall Horan Style

Hey guys ! 
Like what I said a few days ago, I write a post about Niall Horan Style. Niall Horan is the Irish member of One Direction. He is a beautiful boy. Also, he have a beautiful and unique style.  He  always or most part of time wearing a cap.  On stage he wears polo. He like shoes, he has more than one pair of shoes.  My favorite outfit on him  when he is on stage, is the red polo with the  beige pants.  Like on this picture. 

On this picture, it's Niall with a ca, he has more than one cap too. 
 He wears camisole too. He wears a lot of thing, but it's always beautiful and he makes his style.  The next picture, demonstrate his look, I don't comment the picture, but you'll see  his style. 

To create a look like him on stage, buy polo and pants add a nice white shoes. To have the street Niall's look, wearing camisole or t-shirt, sunglasses and a nice cap with the pants that you want.

Hope you enjoy this post.