My inspiration part 1

Hey guys !

So today I start a series of post about my inspiration. Everyone take their inspiration at many place. I decide to show my best places where I take my inspiration for my clothes.  I don't know the number of the post that I need to do that, but in the next day, I'll post about that.

First of all, I buy a  the Lauren Conrad book, style because she give to us many council about some clothes and what is important to have in own closet. Also, she talk about her experience so, it's very help me to create my own style.  Of course, she's one of my inspiration, she's always wears beautiful clothes, has the perfect make up and accessories.  All things go together.

Second, I love reading fashion magazine like the ELLE, GlAMOUR, TEEN VOGUE, VOGUE, LOULOU ( I don't know if it's just in Quebec or Canada, but LOULOU it's a very good magazine), etc...  I always search for new magazine because it's on the magazine they talk about the color for the season, the trend or the biggest clothes that everyone want. Also, they create some looks, so it's very helpful when you go shopping. If you have some magazines suggestion, please leave a comments. :)  Oh and when I said the Vogue Magazine & the ELLE it's all of that, it's also the ELLE UK, ELLE Quebec etc.. the same thing for the Vogue .

Third, I'm going on the internet to see the trend too. A website that I really love is , you can see all of the designer fashion show, all the new jewelry, accessories. Also, I look on the magazine website, or fashion blog. I love, it's the blog of Lauren Conrad, for person to ask, yes she's my idol.  On others things that I do, it's looking on store website, to see what outfit they create. The things that I don't love it's when I saw like 5 girls at the same place, wearing the same clothes because they just look the store outfit. Please take your creativity and create your own style. I know that it's difficult some times, but it's for this reason that the stylist exist or the fashion blog, magazine etc..  Ask for help if you need one.
Tomorrow, I'll post about some celebrity insipiration. For now, I show you some picture about the Lauren Conrad book & magazine. 

The Magazine:

 The Lauren Conrad Blog

 The Lauren Conrad book: Style
Hope I help you where taking your inspiration.

Have a Nice day !