Jenner + Kardashian Style

Hey guys !
I decide for this Monday, show you some picture of the Jenner Kardashian Style.  They five sister, who wear beautiful clothes, they are beautiful too.

The first picture is Kylie at The  Hunger Game premiere, she's wearing a cute little white dress.
 The second is Kendall Jenner this summer ( I think it's this summer). She's wearing a cute grey cami with a white pants. Also, she wear a blue top under her cami and it's match with her blue shoes.
 On this picture, it's 3 different style of Kim.  She's always wearing beautiful clothes. I love her pants.
 On this one, it's Kourtney. She wearing a cute dresses, skirt and short.
 It's an other picture of Kylie, she's wearing  a white cami with a black an white pants. It's beautiful, but I think it lacks a necklace to complete the look.
 On the last one, it's Khloé, she's always wearing beautiful clothes. I love the contrast between her shoes and her bag.
Who is your favorite and why?
For me they are all of my inspiration.  I'll do a post on my inspiration.

Have a nice day !!