Swimming suit

Hi guys !

The summer are officially  there.  I write this post for person who realize that they want change their swimming suit or they love buy more than one.  You have more than on type of swimming suit. The most popular is the bikini.  Today, I help you to find the good one.  I know for the youngest person or the person who love take the sun the bikini it the best choice and the most best choice to take the sun it's the bikini with the bandeau top.  It's not everyone who can wear the bikini. It's for that you a top tankini.  You have also the one piece who is good too.  For person who are little more fat, if you want a bikini, I suggest you taking a tankini. Also, the one piece it's a good choice. But, of course that if you want wearing the normal bikini you can, it's your choice and everyone accept that.  For the other person, every thing or perfect. You have to feel good, beautiful and comfortable  in your swimming suit, it's most important.

 The first picture it's an example of a Tankini.
 The second one, it's a bikini with the bandeau top.
 The third one it's the normal one piece, but you have more than one type of one piece, it's not every one piece go to everyone.  You have to try and find the one who is perfect for you.
The last one it's the normal bikini with the triangle top. It's the popular bikini.

Don't forget to try all type that you want, you find the one that you love, that is perfect for you and that you are comfortable.

Have a good Beach or pool time this summer !!