One Direction style

One direction is the new boy band that all the girls love. They are beautiful and they are British and Irish. The band mate is Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn.  Niall is the only Irish in the group.  So today, I’m writing about their style.  They have a specific style.  In another post this week, I’ll writing a post about each of them, but for right it’s about the band. 

On this picture:   Niall wear a red polo with a grey cardigan, that of the top. He wear a blue pants.  I love this because we have contrast and the color go together.  Louis wears a blue shirt with the white collar.  For the pants, is a red pants.  He had a whit ramp for more style. That’s just beautiful, original and simple, love it.  Zayn wears a grey suit with a shirt carrot red, white and black. It’s the first time I saw a person wearing that and I seriously I really like that, it’s very original and it’s represent him.  Liam he wear a black suit, but it’s the blazer that he wears, it’s the vest with a white shirt. Also he has the little red tissue in the pocket. It’s more classic, but the little red tissue adds a lot for his style.  For Harry, he wear a black jacket with a t-shirt and he have the little red tissue in his pocket. Also, for the pants it’s a grey jeans.  For accessories, he wears a necklace and bracelet.  That’s the look at the Today Show. 

On this picture, the guys wear clothes more relaxed.  If you see  Harry have a Blazer and a white t-shirt. Also, Zayn wear a original  shirt with the special handle.  I really love the look of Niall. I love the style of the pants that he wears.  I love the look of Louis, he wears clothes that he look  on vocation. Liam have the same style of pants than Niall with  a blue shirt.

If you look on the two picture, their style go together and it's beautiful. I'll post how you make a look for all One Direction Members. 

Hope you like this spot. 

Have nice day !! 

Marie xx

P.S.: it's not my picture, I just find them on google.