Hi guys !
Today I'm talking about what I love wear when I'm going at the beach for this summer.  First I wear my bikini, I really love the bandeau top ! It's very beautiful and perfect when you take sun.  I love wearing a little cute dress and match it with my swimsuit.  If you going at the beach and you play volley-ball or other sport and you don't want playing with your swimsuit, I bring a short with a cute camisole. For the short, I bring a jeans short or a cute short in cotton or other, but the more important is that you comfortable to play with.  I bring my sunglasses, I  have in my beach bag more than one sunglasses.  For the bag, I take a cute tote bag  and put my sun cream, towel, magazine, book, Ipod, cellphone and a lipsyl or gloss.  For my shoes, it's a flip flops.  That is what I wear and bring with me when I go at the beach !!

Enjoy your summer for the person who are finish school and the other, the summer coming really soon !

Marie xx