Workout + healthy Food

These days,  you see a lot of people workout and be very healthy (eat healthy food). Some people will call it a diet, I actually call it lifestyle. You know, eating healthy food and do a workout it's not just for people who want to lose weight,  who plays sport or want to have some muscle, it's also for everyone who wants to have a good shape, want to be healthy, doesn't any health problem and want to feel comfortable. I'm pretty sure when you'll become older,  your body will thank you  to be healthy when you was young.

Eating healthy food is very good, but you also have to be equilibrate, not just eating salad. I know that when you want to lose weight, you go to eat just some salad, a lot of veggies, it's great, but you also have to eat some proteins & eat different veggies, eating fruits to have natural sugar. I'm not a nutritionist, but about a year ago I went to see her and she explained a lot of things. When you want to gain weight, some people will go to eat cakes, hamburgers, french fries and more. It's not good at all for your health. You still have to eat good food and workout it's just the quantity that you have to eat. Eat more than you do usual. When you want to lose weight, you have to eat less and when you want to be stable you eat some normal portion that. (eat same numbers of calories as you burn).  Never forget that eat healthy food is a lifestyle it's not a diet to people  who want to loose weight, because if it's that everyone is on a diet.

Workout is important for many things. You can be less stressful because of it. I know some of you will say I don't have time to do one hour of workout in a day, I'm busy.  Actually, I have a tips for you,  the nutritionist that I see a year ago, told me that if you do 30 minutes of cardio the morning, before your breakfast, it's like one hour of cardio. So, the time that you do the morning before  you eat your breakfast is equal the twice of time you did. Isn't it amazing, right?  So, you can wake up a bit more earlier the morning for doing a 20 minutes or 30 minutes of cardio in the morning.  I know that some of you don't like going at the gym, I totally understand you, it's why I found a couple of months ago, some youtube channels  where the film some workout, gives you advice and tips. They explain very well every step of what you have to do.  I really like it.  Here the tree I really like:  Tone It Up (They also have a website where you can find some healthy recipes and more things: ) The Lean Machines & Blogilates ( here a second channel: BlogilatesTV)

Never forgot that eat healthy food and workout is a lifestyle. Also, you can eat some treats like twice a week, not everyday.

Workout, eat healthy food and enjoy life !!

Do you have other workout/fitness youtube channel suggestion or website? Leave me a comment below! :)