My EF Experience

Today I decide to talk about my experience at Education First.  Education First is an international languages school. You can learn English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. You can choose what type of course that you want like the intensive one, the general one and more.  It's also a good way to learn a new language or improve one that you are learning at the moment and travelling at the same time.  Summer is almost here, some of you want to improve more their English or another languages and want to travel. Well, Education First is the perfect school  for that.

About two years ago, I went to Education First Santa Barbara in California. I met people from all around the world and make friends from all around the world that I'm still in contact today, isn't it awesome!?!  I went for two weeks & these two weeks are my favourite weeks so far in my life. I learn a lot about myself, about new culture and of course I  improve more my English.  To be honest with you, if I could take another course with them today I will definitely take it. I'm not too bad in English and I'm not perfect too, so I can learn more and improve more my English. If I could take another course with them I'll definitely take it in England or Ireland.

Their course are awesome, it's interactive and you are with people from all around the world. Approximately nobody speak the same languages in your class, so obviously you have to speak English. I don't know for you, but you know when you was/are in your English class in high school or other language class, if you don't know how to say something in that languages, you'll say it in your language and you know that everyone will understand, well, with education first you can't do that. Maybe one person in your class will understand, but the rest  of them will not understand at all. It's one think that I really enjoy about it.

Another awesome thing about this school is the fact that you don't have school all day, it's like at the University or at College, you have a schedule, so you have time to visiting the city where you are. Also, with the school you can take some trip for the weekend or for a week day to visiting  the country or part of the country that you are in.  Me, when I was in Santa Barbara I took a tour that we visited Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Honestly, it was one of my favourite days of this experience.

I suggest everyone who want to learn a new language or improve one to take a course with them. I definitely like my experience and it gives the taste of studying abroad, travelling a lot more and learning about different culture.

If you have any questions about Education First or my experience leave me a comment below! It'll be a pleasure to answer you!! :)