Bristishista is a lifestyle/personal blog of Marie from WhatWearWith 

I decide to create another blog where I can write about adventure, food, travel, music & more.  My main blog is http://whatwearwith.blogspot.ca/ .

Why Bristishista?  Well, I'm a girl who loves travel & I pretty like the british style at the moment. I really want to move there for a year & more when I can doing that.  I also could name it californista or something like that because I love California & I went living there for learning English for two weeks.  I do think Britishista sound more good than californista, so it's why it's named Britishista.

How often will you post? I have no idea. I will post when I'll have something to write about. Actually you can compare my two blogs as someone who have youtube channel, one is the main & the other one the vlog one. It's kind of that you my two blogs. The WhatWearWith blog is my main one, the one I'll post each week on Monday to Friday about fashion, this one will be the blog where I'll post about other things like I said before.