Summer To do List 2014:

I know we are at two months from summer, but I decide to make my summer To Do List. I decide to make it because some things I want to do take preparation and time to organize. Also, sometimes, when you make a to do list you are more motivated to do the things you need before doing your activities.

My Summer To Do List:

-Play Volleyball
-Going at the beach
-Bike ride
-Road trip
-Pool party
-Mountain hiking
-Visiting a new city (travel)
-Read a book

Here something I have to do before the summer arrive:
-Be in shape (working out) for camping, volleyball, mountain hiking, bike ride &  wakeboarding/wakesurfing.
-Find the time and the place for visiting a new city and travel a little bit.
-Find people for playing volleyball.

Of course my summer gonna be also a bit spontaneous because you never know the future, maybe something will happen that you didn't plan and it gonna be awesome. I do think it's always  good having some project that you planned to do during your holiday, but never overload it because you never what happens, so maybe, it'll make you miss some activities that you had planned.

What do is your summer To Do List?  Do you have any suggestions for a place to travel? Leave me a comment below!!:)