Avocado cheese toast with eggs

Today I decide to write a post about one of my favourite things to eat.  The Avocado Cheese Toast with Eggs. It's kind of healthy at some point.


You need:
-Bread (I goes with a healthy bread with 12 grain)
-One avocado
-one egg
-Some cheese (your favourite cheese)

How to prepare it:

1. Cut you avocado
2.In a bowl, mash the avocado with a fork.
3. Add some cheese (I don't add a lot of cheese, just a little bit, to have the taste of it) and put it in the microwave, so the cheese can melt. (you can skip the step of adding cheese in it, if you don't want)
4. Cook your egg in the microwave without oil or butter.
5. Cook your slice bread, so it became  a toast.
6. Put your mashed cheesy avocado on your toast.(as much as you want)
8. Put your egg on the top.

What do you think about this recipes? Will you try it? Leave me a comment below! :)