DIY: Frame

Hello everyone,

This post, is my first of this blog. You can find all the information about it, in the about section.

Today I decide to post a DIY.  Recently, I did some frame for three pictures from my trip in Santa Barbara.  I bought the frame, but they weren't like I want them, so make a change.  Here what I did:

The Painting that I used:

It's an acrylic painting. 

1. I paint my frame in white. I actually put more than one layer, like two or three.
2. I take a sliver paint to do the contour of the frame.
3. With another another brush I did some line to make it look more older than it is in real life.
4. I put my pictures in the frame.

The Brushes that I used:

1. It's the brush I used to do some lines on my frame. 
2. It's the brush I used to apply the silver painting for the contour of the frame. 
3. It's the brush I used to apply the white painting. 

Here the Result:

These last two are a picture of my little set up with the frame and candles. 

Will you try this DIY? Do you like it? What do you think about it? If you do it, please send me a picture on twitter and instagram & use this hashtag: #BritishistaDIY