As you may know, I love posting my outfit of the day on Instagram.  I decided to post a few  here, just to show you a bit more my day to day look when I am not creating an outfit to put on my blog.  You can check my Instagram account here, to have see more outfits from me. 

Which look do you prefer these three? 

P.S.: Don't forget to check the post I uploaded yesterday about some news for the future. You can read it here



For the past few months I've been thinking about what I should do with my blog. I love posting and creating outfit, but I didn't know how I could improve it. I found a way/direction that I really like.  I will post outfits on my blog every week, but some of them will be more affordable or have an affordable option. So, for example, if I post an outfit that is a bit more expensive and doesn't really go with a smallest budget, I will create an affordable outfit with similar clothes. I really want to show that you can be trendy and fashionable with a smallest budget. 

Furthermore, I decided to create a mini fashion series called Fashion Friday where I'll answer some of your questions, give advice and talk about fashion. I'll upload a video every Friday on my youtube channel here. I did an introduction video that you can find here. 

What do you think about this? Do you think it's a good idea?  I am very excited about this decision. I will start posting an outfit a week at the moment since I am still at school. Maybe, some weeks I'll upload more than  one, but it's my goal until I finished my studies this December. 

So, every week you will post an outfit  here and a video every Friday on my youtube channel. Maybe I'll also put it here. 

Have a good week everyone, 

Marie :) 

Fashion Weeks Fav Street Style S/S 17

Like many of you, I like fashion weeks. I love seeing the new collection for the next season, but I also like fashion weeks to see the street style. I like seeing what everybody wear and what they had mix together.  Furthermore, you can see different style and what trend is totally IN at the moment. Also, it can give lot of inspirations for future outfits.  Here  some of fav street style from all fashion weeks. 

What is your favourite street style from all fashion weeks? 

Instagram's Outfit

As you know, I love sharing my daily outfits on Instagram. Here some looks that I wore recently.  Here my Instagram account @mariiefournier

Comme tu le sais déjà, j'adore partager mes looks du quotidien sur Instagram. Voici quelques looks que j'ai portés récemment.  Voici mon compte instagram: @mariiefournier

Which look do you prefer? 

Quel look préfères-tu? 

My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming pretty, the 16th of Jun. I am very excited about it. So why not creating a little wishlist with things that I want. Some of them are expensive, but it's my birthday so I can put whatever I want, right? 

Ma fête arrive bientôt, le 16 juin. Je suis super excitée. Donc, pourquoi pas créer une petite liste des choses que je veux, il y en a qui sont plus chers, mais c'est ma fête donc je peux mettre ce que je veux, n'est-ce pas? 


Where you can Find each pieces of my wishlist: 

Which one is your favourite pieces? 

Quel est ton morceaux préféré?